Biomorphic Abstractions

Many of my paintings and sculptures explore organic forms as biomorphic abstractions and the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art form. An allusion to organic forms permeates my work, strengthened by suggestion of figurative anatomy fused within the abstract organic shapes. The art I create reflects the things I find most meaningful such as my love of the waterfront and nature, family relationships and spiritual connections.

Lake Inspiration

We reside on the shores of Lake Ontario at Wautoma Beach. The view of spectacular sunsets, flow and wave patterns of water and the Lake environment provide ever-changing inspiration for several of my paintings. Through direct observation when painting outdoors, from a balcony or through my studio window, I illustrate a variety of water, sky and cloud formations. I continually study and examine the beauty found in nature and attempt to capture its nuance of vivid colors and glowing patterns of light and shadows.

Spiritual Connection

I strive for my work through a fluid style of rendering, and the effect of light and color, to emit a spiritual and mystical sense. I wish to create my visual interpretation of our natural world, celestial bodies and discover the connection between the human experience and spiritual life. 

"I welcome you to enter my visual interpretation of our natural world and celestial bodies. Enjoy the journey."