Artist, Painter, Sculptor
“I welcome you to enter my visual interpretation of our natural world and celestial bodies. Enjoy your journey.” 
                                                                    Paula Crawford

Paula C. Crawford of upstate New York, is an accomplished and dedicated artist with a long list of solo and group exhibitions and community art projects to her credit. Paula, a very accomplished representational painter, has since expanded her work into new areas of personal expression. Working with both painting and sculpture her art work moved in a a very productive direction when she started using her sculptures as subject matter and inspiration for her paintings, then reinterpreting the paintings back into sculpture form cast in bronze.  These large and colorful paintings evolve into beautiful, exotic, and emotional worlds of their own. Her large-scale luminous, visionary oil paintings are powerful and captivating. Whether dealing with figurative or less representational images, Paula’s descriptive use of paint and color is highly sophisticated. 

Her bronze sculptures reflect many of the organic forms found in the paintings. While smaller in scale and elegant in simplicity, they have the monumental quality of her paintings. Her work develops very personal and spiritual qualities that bring the simply beautiful to a very meaningful experience. While the structure of the sculptural inspirations remain as gateways and paths into the paintings, the paintings as a whole are exotic, new worlds that capture viewers and pull them into a sensuous swirl of colors and abstract forms that exist in ethereal clouds and surrealistic space.
Paula Crawford

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